“Everyone Has Goals, Do You Have Targets?” with Janine Bolon

“Everyone Has Goals, Do You Have Targets?” with Janine Bolon

“When you have a vision board, and when you have targets that you've set for yourself, you and your partner are unstoppable.” - Janine Bolon

Today we welcome Janine Bolon to the podcast. Janine has written 11 books and currently teaches 15 online courses. She is also a veteran podcast host and her podcast is aptly titled, ‘The Janine Bolon Show’. She mainly talks about money, solo partnership, writing/authorship, and how to hold on to your sanity.

In today’s episode, Janine discusses her journey that saw her get into teaching people about personal finance. She also talks about the importance of having a vision board when working towards your targets.

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  • I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and then later dropped out of corporate America and went to teach, because I love being able to share as well as learn from my students.
  • I noticed that as we got to the end of the semester, the grades would really start to drop, and after talking to the students I found the reason was because they were running out of money.
  • I started teaching the freshman class about money, and that is where the 60/40 principle was born.
  • I then ended up teaching their parents about personal finance and then moved to teach 11 to 16-year olds.
  • When I started moving around I began looking into the audio space and started doing audio blogging.
  • I've taken over seven different podcasts and shoved them into one show, and that is why there is such diversity in the content that comes out of The8gates, which is my company.
  • I was taking the advice of Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, about replicating yourself, and anytime I saw automation that allowed me to replicate I did that.
  • Technology opened up so many things to different types of people, and now is a wonderful time to be an entrepreneur, and to learn.
  • If you ever get a little too negative about life, just go listen to a podcast and learn how people out there are doing amazing things.
  • One of the things I like to recommend to people who do have a solid strong income, but yet they have anxiety is, to dig deeper and find if that's something they can actually address.
  • I'm a very practical teacher, and I always want to make sure that you walk away with at least one thing to do next.
  • I believe in vision boards because it helps calm that mindset, and it's just really a matter of what step do we take next.
  • When you have a vision board, and when you have targets that you've set for yourself, you and your partner are unstoppable.
  • With finances, everybody's going to have a different target, because everybody is in a different situation, which is why we have to go through so much training.
  • With the great resignation, we're coming out of schooling institutionalized programs that are no longer working.

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