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The Strategy Works

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Tony has organized my finances and for the first time ever, I know exactly where my money is going. This is facilitating "living below my means" and helps me achieve my savings goals.

Anna K.

Personal Financial Plan Optimized Growth Arrow

Personal Financial Strategy + Life Style Plan makes it so easy to see everything in one place! Having a tool to consolidate our financial activity and information helps put us in charge of our finances and accomplish the goals we're setting.


Personal Financial Plan Optimized Growth Arrow

Personal Financial Strategy + Life Style Plan has been a game-changer for us and how we can track and gauge our financial health.

Jill P.

Personal Financial Plan Optimized Growth Arrow

LSP took the work (and guesswork) out of getting on top of our finances... Once LSP finished its initial analysis we had the detailed information we needed to understand our current finances and make a plan for the future.

Kevin O.

Personal Financial Plan Optimized Growth Arrow

My investment in the program is nothing compared to what it means for my employees’ financial well-being.

Amy Power (Owner & CEO, The Power Group)

Meet Your 1-on-1 Strategist

Tony King

Tony King

Founder & Finance Professional

Tony King founded Personal Financial Strategy to help people optimize their personal money management.

Tony is passionate about managing money well, and he’s done it for over 40 years. His professional experience includes executive leadership of multi-million dollar healthcare sales teams, managing insurance sales teams, and owning his own financial consulting businesses.

On a personal level, he has managed 7-figure personal assets, eliminated 5-figure personal debt, and leveraged his cash flow to make great investments. Tony would love to share his winnings strategies with you.

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Your Money Needs a Plan

You likely have assets, investments, loans, multiple bank accounts, several credit cards, numerous bills, and daily expenditures. Without a system to see exactly what's working, tallying it all up manually or guessing can be inaccurate, anxiety-inducing, and exhausting.

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The Proven Process

Green Eye

Know What You Have

  • Track your income, bills, daily spending, savings, & investments in one place
  • Discover what's working and what's not
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Plan Your Money's Growth

  • Cure any "money leaks"
  • Eliminate debt fast
  • Maximize contributions to savings & investments
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Optimize Your Cash Flow

  • Refine your strategies for optimal growth
  • Utilize tech solutions to automate your strategies

The Optimal Growth Plan

Let Us Manage Your Strategy*

  • We do ALL the administrative & strategy work for you
  • Gain real-time insight on income, expenses, investments, & savings in one dashboard app
  • Enjoy peace of mind while we manage & refine your ongoing strategy
  • * Paid plans only

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  • Get FREE strategy resources
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  • Get FREE strategy resources
  • Learn "The Proven Process"
  • Discover "The Optimal Growth Plan"
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* We help you get your month-to-month finances running efficiently so your hard-earned dollars grow more and better deliver peace of mind. We do not provide investment or tax advice, though we can refer you to our preferred partners who do that really well.

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