Customized Personal Financial Strategies

Giving you information, insight, and control over your Financial Future.

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A Cash Flow Map is the essential starting point to forming a winning PERSONAL FINANCIAL STRATEGY.

Comprehensive Approach

Our approach to personal finance is complete: everything you own, everything you owe. All of your transactions.

Integrated Plans

Day-to-Day financial management integrated with your future financial plans.

End-to-End Program

We work with you: now until mission accomplished.

A Winning Personal Financial Strategy today is more complex than ever.

You likely have: Assets, investments, loans, multiple bank accounts, several credit cards, numerous bills, and daily expenditures. How do you keep track of it all?

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Derived from not knowing if your money is doing all it can do for you.


Without high level, forward looking analytical tools how can you know if your day-to-day strategies are on track?

Administrative Burden

The burden of keeping all your finances in order takes time. Time that could be spent doing the things you love to do.

Day-to-day Insight and Control over your hard earned cash.

Direct your money toward the life you deserve.

Visibility Through Real Time Tracking

With daily tracking of income, spending, and investments you have the data you need to make informed decisions.

Putting Your Money Where It Matters

Know exactly where your hard earned cash should go to reach your financial goals.

Confidence that Your Plan is On track

Leverage technology to give insight and add control so that you sleep well knowing your money is working for you.

How we help

Our program allows you to make precise day-to-day decisions to reach your financial goals.

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1. Hear about the three “Ah-ha” moments of personal finance.

2. Having a winning personal financial strategy will remove the fog associated with personal finance. We have the tools to give you clarity and confidence in your financial future.

Gain Control Of Your Finances

1. Understand your “Financial Profile” to get a picture of where you are today and where this profile will take you.

2. Get a map that tells you exactly where all your money goes. Close the knowledge gap.

3. Tell your money where to go; utilize cash flow logistics to optimize your cash, and increase efficiency and effectiveness.

“Live” Monitoring Of Your Finances with Quarterly Financial Strategy Reviews

We walk with you daily, helping with bill pay and spending decisions, so you can get to living the lifestyle of your choosing.

Your PFS advisor will meet with you to not only execute your plan but evaluate it. We make sure your plan is performing and delivering on your financial future.

Hi, I’m your money mentor helping guide you through the process.

I have experience as a Certified Financial Coach. Developing personal financial strategies is where my professional background and my personal passion intersect.

We’ll Help You Figure It Out

How can you keep track of all the pieces of your personal financial life when it’s a moving target? Compiling all of the information in one place requires countless hours of work and an accounting degree.

At Personal Financial Strategy we provide a comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end system that puts you in the driver’s seat, directing your money, into the life you desire.

*we do not sell insurance or investments

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Join our Financial Insights Webinar and start your path to financial confidence.

Build your "Personal Financial Profile".

Learn how to make a cash flow map.

Walk through creating a cash flow plan.

Discover the efficiency of proper "Cash Flow Logistics"