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Are You Living Rightside Up?

The “North Star” of personal finance is living rightside up (ideally saving at least 15% of your monthly income in a retirement fund or investment that earns passive income).

Easily discover if you’re on track by using the free Excel calculator document provided below.

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Cash Flow Map

A Cash Flow Map is the essential starting point to forming a winning PERSONAL FINANCIAL STRATEGY.

Home Price Range Finder

Shopping for a home is so much fun! Critically important to your Personal Financial Strategy is buying a home that does not consume your ongoing investment strategy dollars. Use this calculator to find the correct price range for your monthly income (assumes 20% down).

Efficient Banking Structure

A Proper Banking Structure:

  • Automates your Cash Flow
  • Maximizes Savings and Investments
  • Prevents Cash “Leakage”
  • Adds Efficiency and Effectiveness to your Strategy

Retirement Lifestyle Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the cost to fully retire.