“Have a Strategy for Choosing College” with Beth Probst

“Have a Strategy for Choosing College” with Beth Probst

We come alongside families with students who are speeding toward a transition to college and career.

Personal Career Path:

  • Beth was in a sales and marketing career, selling tech products when she stumbled on students preparing to transition to high school, interviewing them as possible sales assistants, and realized they had no framework to make solid decisions about their life or career; this was the light bulb in her head moment. She asked herself: can I do something structured to help them make more informed decisions on their journey through High School into college?

The value question: does a college degree guarantee a commensurate high wage or more desirable job?

  • Are there alternatives that are viable and probably less costly?

3 big decisions to make at the end of high school:

  • Pick a college
  • Choose a course of study or major
  • Determine a career path

To help their ability to make the above 3 decisions, families should:

  • Help their students consider who they are – i.e. self-assessment
  • Tie that to careers they like, i.e. what kind of education do I need for the career I aspire to?
  • What major(s) do I need to consider that fit my career and which colleges offer them?

Optimal time to intercept and provide guidance on the 3 matters

  • The pre college prep: we provide free webinars on this; the best time is when a family or Student starts to ask specific questions or considering college visits
  • Guided self-assessment – which actually requires a chunk of time; when the student has adequate experiences to enable a 5-hour interview, and this dovetails with their sophomore year in high school, but could extend to the first 2 years of college.

It is still possible to work with those who never had such guidance and are beyond their 2nd collegiate year and who come to a realization that what they are pursuing isn’t what they are cut out for; we call them career confused; we work with them to help them utilize what their college can offer. We occasionally deal with those who have graduated, started their career, then realize this is not what they cut out for. Our help might lie in helping them dig through the layers of what they don’t want, and assess what things they want to carry into the next career and which to drop.

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