“Make Additional Money Painlessly!” with Gordon Stein

“Make Additional Money Painlessly!” with Gordon Stein

“We're using innovative ways to do things that are cheaper than the traditional way that people may not have thought of.” — Gordon Stein

In today’s episode, we are joined by Gordon Stein. Gordon is a personal finance author, keynote speaker, and blogger at Gordon, in his book, spells out certain recipes that can lead anyone to a bright financial future. Also in the book, Gordon has identified 60 different recipes for freeing up money. The key point in his book is “you can find money in your lifestyle, without making any sacrifices to your current lifestyle."

Gordon is also very good at demonstrating the impact these strategies can have on an individual's long-term financial goals.

  • I discovered a few hacks that freed up some more cash flow with minimal effort.
  • I’ve had a career transition from high-tech industry to kind of high-touch personal finance.
  • By using innovation and new innovations that are cheaper than the traditional way.
  • Step one is what I call “broiling a bill”. Pick a bill, and broil that bill!
  • Step two is: “Savor the savings”.
  • Discipline is more powerful than budgeting.
  • The more ideas you get on how to free up more cash flow, the more you build wealth.
  • Make those changes, reduce the bills, and then commit that money right away to something good.

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