“Money Mindset & Investing Perspectives” with Florian Fritz

“Money Mindset & Investing Perspectives” with Florian Fritz

“The way you think about money determines how you behave and your behavior shapes who you are and how you interact.” — Florian Fritz

Florian is the founder of the Money Hero Academy, where he teaches how to create financial freedom by  improving:

  • your money mindset
  • money management skills
  • money making skills

By 2008 Florian was a “financial advisor” and during the financial crisis that year, he started learning from some of the world's best financial coaches like Robert Kiyosaki and others how wealth creation really works. He tested many learnings while working with a real estate company, increasing their sales by 86% per year on average and helping hundreds of people to improve their investment returns. Today he teaches what he learned, encouraging everyone to take control of their finances and create the life of their dreams instead of always hoping for the next raise or the next client.

Listen in as Florian shares his thoughts on creating freedom and prosperity.

  • Florian realized that he could inform clients about the problems that were happening but he had no solutions for the problems.
  • It’s interesting that he was over half a million in debt but was teaching about money. He was the perfect example of how and when to begin thinking about your wealth.
  • Florian, in his own story, shows us that you can begin your journey no matter where you are, from zero or negative, and build your wealth.
  • His journey began with free courses on Facebook and has grown to several programs that he runs every week.
  • Thinking about money is better than working hard for it. (take time to think about it)
  • What you associate money with, especially the negative side of money will automatically make your subconscious protect you from money.
  • We’ve been conditioned in a certain way about money. It’s good for one to identify your conditions.
  • In investment, you need to be consistent in what you are buying, no matter the circumstances.
  • An Inverse ETF is one way to “hedge”.

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