“Kids and Money” With Nationally Syndicated Financial Columnist, Chuck Jaffe

“The best part of teaching kids about finances has been the conversations I’ve had with them about their financial decisions.” — Chuck Jaffe

In today’s episode, we welcome Chuck Jaffe to the podcast. Chuck is the author of three books titled ‘Getting Started in Finding a Financial Advisor’, ‘The Right Way to Hire Financial Help’ and ‘Chuck Jaffe’s Lifetime Guide to Mutual Funds.’ His two books on working with financial advisors have made them a rare critical voice in financial planning. Chuck is host of Money Life, a veteran financial journalist, nationally-syndicated financial columnist, and his work appears in newspapers from coast to coast.

Chuck talks with me about his interesting approach to teaching finances and investments to younger children.

Listen in!

  • I am an expert when it comes to hiring financial advisors.
  • The key thing to me which is really important is knowing that there is no one right way to reach your financial goals.
  • I'm agnostic to approach unless the approach is going to hurt people.
  • At home, Halloween is how I teach other people's kids about money choices and investment through games and lotteries.
  • The best part has been the conversations I've had with the kids about not only saving money, but spending as well.
  • Children start learning money lessons really early and I have been teaching my children about trading stocks and ownership of companies.
  • The benefit to me, as a result of this has been my daughter telling me that she is maxing out her 401 K.

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