“Your Investments Can Make a Difference in the World” with Dionne Payn

“Triple bottom line is investing in a way that you do get profit, but you also look after people and you look after the planet as well.” - Dionne Payn

In today’s episode, we welcome Dionne Payn to the podcast. Dionne is an author, as well as a speaker. She speaks on the topics of ethical property investing, affordable housing, and ending homelessness. She is the CEO and founder of high impact property investments, where they specialize in connecting investors with double digit returns and projects that provide affordable homes, build communities and provide inclusive homes for people with disabilities.

Dionne talks to me about the events that led to get into real estate business, and also highlights the triple bottom concept in ethical property investing.

Listen in!

  • My early life was very much about being part of a church community, and it was lot about service and helping other people which was where I've got my service ethic from.
  • At the university I studied pharmaceutical chemistry, and I ended up at the pharmaceutical industry specifically at the natural products chemistry where I ended up doing a PhD in the same field.
  • We wanted to buy a property and in the area that we lived at the time, it just wasn't affordable on one income.
  • We decided to learn about property with the hope that we'll find a creative way to get involved in property and then be able to purchase our home.
  • After our first course, we found a joint venture partner whom we partnered with to deliver a project that was a renovation and a subdivision of a property.
  • We delivered on the project and did a couple more projects which were quite small.
  • We got involved in a project that even though we did finalize it, I got the motivation to keep going because it was important to the community.
  • It was a combination of there being a need for it and a way that we could make money, but also a way to service the community as well as sustainability.
  • We haven't always been thinking about sustainability and community, our primary motivation for a long time has been about profit.
  • As we progress, what we're seeing is just a bit of a collective shift and a bit of an evolution in the way that we live and think.
  • Millennials do seem to be leading the charge by wanting to work for companies that are ethical and investing their money in things that they believe that are going to make the world better.
  • As consumers/ investors, we have a lot of power, but sometimes we give away our power because we don't think that we have any.
  • The central message in the book, Ethical Property Investing, is that if we exercise that power, we can actually create the world that we want to see.
  • Triple bottom line is investing in a way that you do get profit, but you also look after people and you look after the planet as well.
  • Our money has to work for us, but investors do want to be investing in alignment with their values.
  • We partner investors with developers that have a really great track record and are a lot more risk aware and know how to mitigate them and find creative solutions for them.
  • Property development in and of itself is a huge beast, and you need to have people that are committed on all aspects to deliver the outcomes that that you've signed up to deliver.
  • Property really has the power to transform lives.

You can connect with Dionne on her social media handles:
Facebook - https://web.facebook.com/highimpactproperty.investments
Twitter - https://twitter.com/hipinvestments
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dionnepayn

The best way to get in touch with Dionne:
Website: https://hipi.global

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