“Sustain Your Lifestyle Into the Choice Years” with Jason Hamilton

Today’s guest is Jason Hamilton who is a fee-only registered investment advisor with over $40 million in AUM. The Keep It Simple Wealth Academy is a program helping 1st generation wealth builders transform their relationship with money and become robust wealth managers. Jason also heads up Family Financial Coaching at his family's nonprofit IDEAL, a community development corporation located in East Los Angeles.

Here are a few of Jason’s get wealthy hacks:

  • Do not ignore your background - whether or not it favors your career or occupation - it provides certain values, cultural orientation and formation that plays a 'success or failure' factor in your career.
  • "Read, read, read. Read all you can around your career. Enroll in a course and improve your understanding in the area of business or service you are offering. There is so much information about anything one may want to know!"
  • Do not just work for title - whether big or small - find a real solution to a real problem. That way, the world finds you.
  • Believe in your vision; it's not just about providing a solution to a problem. It is also about being passionate about it and staying on it regardless of challenges and setbacks.
  • Get genuinely interested in people - their beliefs, goals and resources - and allow these three to interface as a jigsaw puzzle. This is how you develop and mentor people wholesomely.

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