“Lifeonaire – Steering Us Towards Truly Abundant and Prosperous Lives” with Jason Wojo

In today’s episode, we welcome Jason Wojo to the podcast. Jason is the CEO of Lifeonaire, which is a Christian-based life and business coaching organization dedicated to helping people live truly abundant and prosperous lives.

Jason talks about his path to discovering what it meant to live a life of abundance and success. He also talks about his business and how he helps people live a free and more fulfilling life. 

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  • I wanted to be successful and for most of my life, I thought the only way was to have a job because then I would be able to make money have a great life. 
  • spent 15 years studying and finish my PhD which took a big part of my life. 
  • I got my first job out of school and I realized within the first few weeks that I didn’t like the constraint resulting from someone controlling my future.
  • I started investing in real estate full time after being coached through my first few deals and then left my job.
  • I ended up having multiple businesses, all of them doing okay, but none of them doing what I knew they were capable of, but through some coaching, I was able to consolidate the businesses and to ramp things up. 
  • I realized that my actual passion, now that I had accomplished this on my own, was to help other people do it, and I started to coach other people how to become successful business owners and real estate investors.
  • It's easy to become addicted to more money, and that was an interesting challenge that I had to go through and explore that for myself.
  • Most people who want to be millionaires are captivated not by the money, but by the life that they think the money will buy them.
  • I know very few millionaires that are Lifeonaires, but I know a lot of Lifeonaires that are millionaires, and found that when you put life first, many times you'll also make more money.
  • We resonate most with people who are business owners and are susceptible to working a lot and letting business take over their lives and these are the people that we reach out to.
  • The first thing we encourage people to do is create a vision for their life, which is a really unique combination of aspirations, goals, beliefs, your values, and what you find important.
  • We then help people figure out where to put in the work by putting it down on the calendar, and this helps to create very real boundaries to get work done in that period of time. 
  • Learning to be focused on the important things in work and in business, really helps people do more within a short amount of time.

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