“Finding the Relational Fit in Financial Planning” with Jeff Bernier

Find the right partner, the right fit, by considering:

  • Capacity to provide the services the client needs
  • Relationships – are you comfortable with each other?
  • Economic fit – does the client understand the cost benefit?

What belief(s) do you hold? Resources are there to give you what you always want to be, to help you create capacity to enable you to do what you are supposed to do.

  • So we want to know your dreams, your purpose; can that dream be converted into a dollar and deadline?
  • Our role is to help you turn your dream into dollars, through advice, and investment within an acceptable timeline.

3 aspects to building an investment portfolio:

  • Client’s need: what return are you looking at?
  • Client’s appetite for risk: this helps to determine the perfect portfolio
  • Client’s capacity to take risk: do you have debts, your risk is high and vice versa

We become your guide to help you develop strategy and mechanisms to realize your goals. Our approach, advice and intervention is individual-based and relational.

Issues to do with inflation and other market dynamics:

  • We communicate a lot with our clients especially on market volatility
  • You need rising income streams to deal with the reality of inflation; hence you have to accept some short term strategies for long term outcomes.

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