“Non-Traditional Investing” with Maxwell Nee

Maxwell Nee is the Managing Partner of OENO Wine & Whisky Investment. He’s a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who earns his investors a recession-proof and market-beating return with wine and whisky alternative investments.

Here are the top tips from Maxwell:

  • Take advantage of alternative investments; for instance, wine and whiskey. Consider 28% of high-net-worth individuals have a connection with wine. They either collect wine, distribute it or maybe they are in the end a consumer. In all facets, wine as an investment is somewhat recession proof.
  • 54% of working individuals invest in alternative investments like wine & whiskey these assets are not correlated to normal investments and cushion against inflation and other market force dynamics. These alternative investments ride the inflation wave because they are in the category of “consumable”.
  • Seek to acquire high value products at their early nascent stage and wait for them to mature. 
  • Spot a gap and leverage it, Example: Acquire a 12-yr aged whiskey at $25 and age it for an extra 6 years to sell it at $125, equivalent to 500% investment growth in only 6 years.
  • Before investing, familiarize yourself with any legislative framework within your trading jurisdiction.

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