“Your Credit Score is Not Just for Credit” with Natasha Davis

“We need to begin to get people more accustomed to having the patience to wait until they have the money to spend.” - Natasha Davis

In today’s episode, I welcome Natasha Davis in to the podcast. Natasha is the founder and CEO of a company called Impact Branding. She's also an author of several books including ‘Get Grounded, Stay Grounded,’ ‘Unleash Your Millionaire Mindset’ and ‘Build Your Brand,’ among others.

In today’s episode, Natasha talks about her journey to financial recovery, and why it is important to not only understand how money works, but also to respect it as well.

Listen in!

  • I pursued my first degree as a registered nurse and worked as a nurse and the I crossed over and stepped into the world of entrepreneurship.
  • After some unfortunate events happened in my life and caused me financial turmoil, I had to make some real serious adult decisions, on not only understanding money, but respecting it as well.
  • I also had to figure out how I was going to make the business work for me.
  • Understanding money means understanding that it is a current and it is always flowing, and whether it's flowing to you or away from you is really your decision.
  • I had to understand the basic principles and the entire purpose of money which includes bringing wisdom, knowledge, relationships and property.
  • Respecting money entails respecting every single dollar earned and spent, and therefore I learned to develop a healthier relationship with money.
  • I've had to learn to respect the whole essence of saving and I think of it as strategically allocating for ventures and expenses.
  • We need to begin to get people more accustomed to having the patience to wait until they have the money to spend.
  • Money is a current, and you can become a money magnet if you're not always chasing after money.
  • My first book, ‘Get Grounded, Stay Grounded,’ was born at a time when I needed to work on me and know myself.
  • My second book was ‘Be Unleashed,’ which was written at a point where I was recovering and at the edge of restoration from everything in my life that had broken me.
  • My third book came right in the midst of COVID and it is titled ‘25 Valuable Golden Nuggets.’ It is about everything that I've learned over the 18 plus years in business.
  • I do strategic planning and process improvement where we work with service based companies and health care organizations to really strengthen their brand so they make more money.

Connect with Natasha at: www.impactbrandingconsulting.org

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