“An Overview of Investing in Gold” with Simon Popple

  • He started his investment business in Real Estate, and eventually migrated to Gold investment.
  • Money market (UK) saw some of his publications on gold investing and enlisted Simon to write a column in Gold investing.

Opportunities with gold:

  • Invest in gold stocks.
  • Invest in gold – some low and other high risk. A place to look at and download some info on gold is goldprogram.go.uk.

Different levels of Gold investment:

  • Physical gold
  • Gold keepers – large companies; invest in a lots of different companies – multinational, multi-commodity.
  • Defenders – diversity in terms of commodity and countries.
  • Forwards - High Risk, high rewards.

Mechanisms – exchanges that are available:

  • Physical gold – go through a reputable gold dealer. Check the World Gold Council recommendation list.
  • Defenders and Forwards – go through Australians or Canadians.
  • There is gold all over the world, but I have a jurisdiction preference, and I tend to buy and invest in Canadian, US, and Australian gold and access them through the Canadian, Australian, and US stock exchange platforms.
  • There are many other opportunities in Africa and other parts of the world.

Gold seems to be popping up the social media and internet a lot, why? Gold marketers tend to be more active during fearful economic times. Is this true and is there a reason for this?

  • Gold is a great and valuable asset, and there are terms like golden age, gold medal, etc. The risk in the world can be eased through gold, because the value of gold is the same across the world; this is not the case with other assets.
  • Is there any relationship or risk with the rise of cryptocurrency and decentralized digital currency? These things are separate, and they run separately. It’s not possible to see gold going to zero, but that can happen to any other value, including crypto.
  • I like the fact that I can hold in my hand a gold coin, but cannot hold a bitcoin.

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