“2X – Five Key Life Elements” with Navy Seal Commander Thom Shea

“When leaders are great human beings, so are their companies.” - Thom Shea

In today’s episode, we welcome Thom Shea to the podcast. Thom is a Retired Senior Chief Operator, Navy Seal, a best-selling author and founder of the renowned Leadership Program, Unbreakable Leadership.

Thom talks with me about the lessons he learned while serving in the U.S Navy, writing his best-selling book, and founding Unbreakable Leadership.

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  • I grew up in the 70s in a small town in southern Indiana, and it was normal to fail, which I think is the precursor to success.
  • From the bottom, you can do a lot of great things, because you're willing to risk things then.
  • I went into SEAL training in 1990, and once you pass through that experience, you can actually determine what are you willing to commit to, and willing to give your life for.
  • I define leadership as a commitment to other people.
  • To get to that position of leadership in the Navy SEALs, you have to be operating at 100% of your capacity, in five areas that I think are unique.
  • First is having to be healthy all the time; second is being interested and willing to learn anything on a drop of a dime.
  • Third is being in a position to deliver value where you pursue what you value, and fourth is being relatable and able to operate on a team.
  • The fifth is that you have to be spiritually inclined because that's what's going to save you when things go south.
  • By the time I retired, I had written a manuscript to my kids which were 13 lessons I wanted them to be able to do, one lesson at a time.
  • We published the book, titled ‘Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life’ which made a national bestseller in 2014.
  • It's a raw depiction of what a six-month deployment was like from a father, husband and leader’s point of view.
  • When leaders are great human beings, so are their companies, and good leadership perpetuates itself.
  • The word ‘Trust’ doesn't exist in the SEAL teams because usually when you trust somebody, you won't check them.
  • Checking up allows for the grace of making mistakes because the team's going to be there to support, and this is much more effective in business, instead of emotional attachment.
  • One of the great forms of leadership is never allowing emotions to solve any problems.
  • I do private coaching as well as group training in five areas which are physical, intellectual, wealth, relational and spiritual.
  • I also do process consulting for businesses to increase the verticals that they are working on.

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