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Bring financial expert, Tony King, to share money strategies with your veteran’s group for FREE. Learn to:

  • Improve personal cash flow
  • Never live paycheck-to-paycheck
  • Inject confidence into your financial life
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Meet Your Trainer

Tony King, certified LifeStyle Plan personal finance manager

Tony King

Founder & Finance Professional

Tony King founded Personal Financial Strategy to help people optimize their personal money management.

Tony is passionate about managing money well, and he’s done it for over 40 years. His professional experience includes executive leadership of multi-million dollar healthcare sales teams, managing insurance sales teams, and owning his own financial consulting businesses.

On a personal level, he has managed 7-figure personal assets, eliminated 5-figure personal debt, and leveraged his cash flow to make great investments. Tony would love to share his winning personal finance strategies with you and your veterans.

Personal Financial Strategy offers personal money management services so people can stay focused on their lives while experts manage their money for a super affordable price (only the ultra-wealthy used to be able to afford what we do).

59% of American Adults
Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck...

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…With Almost No Money Available to Invest, Save, & Freely Spend.

According to the Mind over Money survey by Capital One and The Decision Lab (3/2022)

Learn Tactical Strategies for Growing Money

  • Why your finances may not be where you need them to be
  • What it takes to live your financial life with confidence
  • How to effectively manage your personal finances
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Our Guarantees

Everything is FREE

  • You and your veterans will get equipped with all the core strategies and free tools needed to optimize personal finances. We'll mention how our paid services are available if they want help at the end of the presentation, but no purchase is necessary. We love helping people whether they buy anything from us or not.

We Treat You Like Family

  • We won't share anything with you we wouldn't do ourselves or teach our own families.

Proven Wisdom

  • The simple, timeless principles we teach are easy to learn and with a little personal discipline will take anyone a long way in the right direction.

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